Thursday, 26 September 2013

Day 19: Paperless NHS

Today I had a series of meetings with a mountain of papers supporting them after other meetings earlier in the week with similar wasted forests.  This is all a cost to the NHS, i.e. public, for the paper, printing and staff time to co-ordinate.  So I floated the idea that we aspire to becoming paperless to our Executive Committee this morning.

I was inspired by @SteveKellGP's paperless Board meeting earlier this month and am convinced that we can do the same and better.  I am sure the path to paperless won't be easy, but we'll focus on the people and the changes needed and the technology should be easier (not easy, but easier!). As with all change, buy-in to a vision and good leadership will be crucial to our success.

Advice, comments, suggestions all welcome!