Friday, 11 October 2013

Day 30: Stop Accepting The UNACCEPTABLE

Spent today at the Chief Nursing Officer Black & Minority Ethnic Advisory Group Annual Conference.  I was concerned, but sadly not surprised, that the majority attending were from BME groups (bear with me, I’ll explain this later).

Theme for the day was “Cultures of Compassion”.  Underlying this was a clear message that the current situation remains UNACCEPTABLE. Just some of the evidence I heard today:

  • Number of BME senior leaders in the NHS remains tiny compared to society & overall staffing – UNACCEPTABLE
  • Proportion of nurses & midwives referred to NMC for fitness to practise far exceeds representation in the profession with the vast majority found with no case to answer – UNNACCEPTABLE
  • Only 10 of first 400 participants in the NHS Leadership Academy’s development programmes from BME groups - UNNACCEPTABLE
  • Student nurses from BME groups have disproportionately high drop-out rates – UNNACCEPTABLE

 I could go on, but you get the picture!

Whilst those in at the conference were enthused to ‘be the change they want to see’; the only real way to make the step change needed is for positive action from those who weren’t there. Those who aren’t from BME groups must affect change, as they are, in the main, the decision-makers affecting recruitment, development opportunities and support and mentoring for staff, both in training & in practice.

We must eliminate the current situation being ACCEPTABLE and we have a long way still to go.  Sign-up to the NHS Employers Personal Fair & Diverse NHS Campaign today! PS there’s a free App too.