Friday, 18 October 2013

Day 35: Role Diversity

Another fantastic week; the diversity of my role is truly amazing! Here’s a few things I’ve done this week:

  • Communications & Engagement Steering Group
  • Reviewing procurement documentation
  • Team One 2 Ones
  • Equality & quality impact assessment process development
  • Quality & Safety Manager shortlisting
  • Community services visit
  • Integration programme service area development
  • Board Patient Safety & Quality Committee
  • Safeguarding adults process review
  • HSJ reporter interview for piece on Quality Governance
  • Meeting Healthwatch
  • Acute provider Contract Management Board
  • Executive Committee
  • Local Nursing & Quality Directors peer group meeting
  • Developing action plan to improve QIPP programme progress

To top off a great week, I’ve just had a tweet from Dr Ranj!