Friday, 25 October 2013

Day 40: Spinning Plates

General reflections after 40 working days in the role (two months) are…

Everyone has been incredibly welcoming and open to work together; however, recent NHS changes, not just since April mean that there are a number of barriers to effective working.

There isn't a clear, common understanding about CCGs or NHS England Area Teams' roles between NHS/Local Authority commissioners, providers and other partners.

The relative newness of CCGs as organisations means we still have work to do to develop internal processes where previous PCT approaches don’t work.  Administration of our core business needs to improve to release time to focus on the more significant challenges.

Specifically within my team we need to improve our focus on the quality governance framework across the whole health community including for our smaller contracts with care & nursing homes, whilst maintaining sufficient focus on continued improvement through bigger contracts at the same time.

In summary, we can’t just keep plate spinning; they need cleaning, polishing and synchronising as well.

Thanks for reading.