Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Day 43: The Grand Tour

I spent today with matrons and other staff at our local hospital who introduced me to their respective departments.

I was impressed by the work that Yvonne is doing across the hospital for patients with dementia and to support staff to better serve these vulnerable patients.  The 'This Is Me' documentation will help staff better understand patients' needs.

The piloting of ‘The Perfect Day’ (nothing to do with Lou Reed, RIP) on some wards that Helen showed me was innovative and exciting.  This approach is adapted from Germany and sees staff roles focussed on particular tasks, such as bed-making, discharge planning and supporting meal-times, which frees nurses and healthcare assistants to be with patients for a much greater proportion of their working time.  This has great potential to release more time to care, to improve outcomes and productivity, for a better patient experience & job satisfaction for staff.

Many thanks to Sheran, Helen, Edmund, Mel, Liz, Yvonne, Katie, Helen, Chris and many others with whom I have spent time today.

(PS had a really enjoyable day and could have written 100 words many times over, but what I have written really is just a few of the highlights)