Monday, 28 October 2013

Day 41: Finances

The financial situation of the CCG is currently very serious for a number of reasons: one is that we are under-funded as a local healthy system based on the needs of our population and relative to other parts of the country; another reason is that our main hospital provider is ‘over-performing’ (that’s NHS jargon for seeing more patients and/or doing more than contracted to).

We are currently forecasting a year-end deficit (more NHS jargon for predicting that we will spend more money than we have this financial year).

The quality impact is that we risk now having to use resources we may have ear-marked to develop and improve patient pathways to meet our financial obligations.

There is a significant range of work currently ongoing within the CCG to both reduce the deficit to a minimum, eliminating it if possible, and also to mitigate the quality impact if we do find ourselves in this position.