Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Day 42: The World’s Bigger Here!

A colleague said to me today “the world’s bigger out here in commissioning than in hospital”.  An interesting observation from working in the same organisation for many years then moving to another.

This resonated with me, as I did the same; worked for one organisation for many years and then moved into this role.  My new ‘world’ also feels bigger in some ways and smaller in others.  I wonder if this is less to do with size and scale and more about confidence and moving from the comfort of the familiar. 

I am enjoying diversity of meeting new people and experiencing different styles and ways of working, which can make the world feel bigger.  New experiences and being outside of what is ‘comfortable’ can help us learn and grow.

Tomorrow, I am spending the day with front-line staff and patients at our local hospital to expand my experience of this bigger world…